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AFT Product Sales Terms

Business Terms

Terms and Condition for the Sale of Product. These terms are used globally, except for Europe and Russia.
Equipment Development and Tech Support


Pilot and laboratory facilities boast comprehensive analysis for the development of new products, testing process or fiber changes for fiber processing operations.
Mechanical Audit


The best way to avoid unplanned downtime is simple to do regular mechanical audits. AFT can do them for you or we can teach your maintenance staff on best practices for what to inspect and how often to do it for your stock preparation equipment.
Process Troubleshooting


Process Troubleshooting to help bring your Stock Preparation line back to peak performance. AFT offer extensive experience in Screening, Refining and Paper Machine Approach Flow Systems.
Project Start-up


Equipment erection support of a Stock Preparation line, new Screening, Refining or Paper Machine Approach Flow system, can help to ensure a quick start-up to reach project goals.
Project Engineering


Knowing key milestone for a project and who is responsible to deliver each help ensure a successful project.