Screen Cylinder Fit

Preventing pressure screen failure

Why is cylinder fit so important?

A leading cause for cylinder breakage is wear in the base of the screen housing. The interface design of the housing and cylinder make a “fit”, and maintaining that fit is key for keeping the cylinder stationary and operating properly.

A loose fit can be indicated by vibration and cylinder movement, leading to damage that can show itself in a number of ways. A regularly scheduled screen inspection is the most critical maintenance step to prevent pressure screen failure. Inspection frequency will depend on the screening process and typical wear tendencies. 

Find out more - download our detailed 5-step inspection process:

  • Safety First - Isolate Screen
  • Remove Cylinder
  • Inspect Bottom O-ring
  • Inspect Top & Bottom Housing Fits
  • Reinstall Cylinder



Screen Installation

  • 1 Top Flange (or Ring) fit to screen
  • 2 Screen Cylinder
  • 3 Screen Body
  • 4 Bottom Flange (Ring) fit to Screen Body