Max Screening products list

Increase productivity; save fiber and energy

New GHC2 Rotor

Manufacturing accuracy and precision means you have reliable pulp quality

MacroFlow2 Screen Cylinders

High efficiency screening - models tailored to fine, coarse, headbox and fractionation

MaxFlow Screening

Fiber recovery means more capacity

MaxSaver Screen

Using less power for screening has never been easier

PowerWave Rotor Technology

High efficiency and resistance to fiber stringing

Stringing is in the past

A cage design for lower maintenance

Screen Cylinder design for maintenance
Macroflow Cylinder Learn more

Tolerances never seen before in a wedgewire slotted cylinder - for better screening performance

Shield cylinder for high wear applications Learn more

Maximum performance cylinder in high wear applications

MaxSaver Learn more

The MaxSaver has proven, in hundreds of applications, that it can recover the maximum fiber for a tailing screen.

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GHC2 rotor Learn more

For recycled and kraft pulp screening, this is the lowest energy option available today - let's see how much you can save.

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Max Screening Screen Rotors
MaxFlow Screen Learn more

MaxFlow screens offer low energy and high efficiency with the right cylinder and rotor for each specific application

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Screens Max Screening
Ep Rotor Learn more

Open foil rotor that reduces pulsations and stringing - ideal for fractionation, headbox and contaminated recycled fiber screening

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Max Screening Screen Rotors
Cage Cylinder Learn more

Cage design offering lower maintenance with a replaceable sleeve

Gladiator rotor - high consistency screening Learn more

Our latest rotor pushes capacity higher with operating consistencies above 4.5%

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Max Screening Screen Rotors