Food Screening and Separation

Replacement plates and cylinders

Performance plates

AFT has experience in the replacement of performance wear components in many food processing applications such as sugar cane, sugar beet, fruit juices, wines, beer, cornstarch, gluten and tomato processing.

Plates can be slotted or drilled in a variety of materials, surface finishes and aperture sizes for processes that include:

  • Screw press plates
  • Cush-Cush extraction press plates
  • Bowed/Sidehill screen plates
  • Extraction tower plates

Screwpress cylinder

Screw Plate Cylinder

Performance cylinders

Cylinders are typically drilled or wedgewire slotted styles with apertures as small as 0.05 mm (0.002 inch). Typical replacement cylinders for both filters and screens include:

  • Screw press baskets
  • Rotary screens and trommels
  • Centrifuge baskets
  • Filter baskets
  • Filtration tubes or candles