Coarse Recycled Fiber Screen

ADS™ coarse screening solutions

Coarse Recycle fiber Screening stage 1: removal of light plastic stage 2: Removal of dirt

Deflaking plus light and heavy plastic removal in one unit

The ADS Coarse Separator is especially suited for mixed waste and OCC furnishes. This all-in-one screen offers exceptional deflaking performance combined with the removal of both lightweight and heavyweight contaminants. By performing multiple functions in one unit, the ADS offers lower installed costs and its small footprint is ideal for retrofits.  

The ADS Separator combines holes and slots to perform five distinct functions in one unit:

  • Deflaking of fiber bundles
  • Vortex removal of lightweight contaminants
  • High consistency removal of heavy contaminants
  • Coarse screening
  • Fine screening of coarse screen accepts

ADS Separator