Foil Rotors

EP™ Rotor series

Eliminate stringing and plugging for more reliable screening

Fractionation and Headbox applications

The EP Foil Rotor is a non-stringing choice for TMP fractionation and some recycled pulp fine screening applications. It is also suitable for headbox applications where a staggered foil arrangement is used to ensure a reliable and smooth flow to the paper machine. Feed consistencies for these applications are typically less than 1.5%.

The thin-foil design of the EP Rotor eliminates the positive pressure pulse - a pulse associated with the extrusion of sensitive debris such as stickies through screen apertures. It also promotes high efficiency and resistance to stringing.

EP Rotor

EP Rotor

EPX rotor

EPx Rotor

Swept design for OCC

The swept blade design of the EPX model is tailored for highly contaminated OCC stock.

EP and EPX rotor advantages include:

  • Greater stickies removal
  • Reduced power use
  • Stringing elimination
  • Pulsation reduction
  • Capacity improvements